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Saturday, July 13, 2013

East Haven police probe is political ploy by Mayor Maturo

Although I’m not surprised, I’m appalled the Maturo administration continues to use the police department to satisfy its political objectives. Is Mayor Joe Maturo that desperate to stay in office? What’s really at stake for him and his cronies? Apparently, Mr. Maturo believes it’s OK to sully the reputation of Detective Robert Ranfone in an effort to distort the record of Democratic challenger Gary DePalma. Det. Ranfone is an asset to the Town of East Haven and is above being used as collateral damage for political gain.
The hard-working people of East Haven support their Police Department. Mr. Maturo has trampled their efforts for more than 12 years. Until an outside entity forced his hand, his administration never made an adequate investment on their behalf. For years, they lacked equipment, training, vehicles and manpower. Promotions were made according to political allegiance. Don’t believe it? Ask a veteran cop.
This time, he’s gone too far. Using the Police Department as a political tool needs to end immediately. Mr. Maturo believes we’re here to support his agenda. Fact is, he’s supposed to support ours. And we’re tired of the attention and ridicule he’s forced on us. Leave our officers out of your political dealings. Det. Ranfone is a beloved member of the East Haven community and a highly decorated officer. He deserves our respect, appreciation and support.
Lisa Ruggiero
East Haven


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