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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Clergy stand together in seeking justice for Trayvon Martin

Thank you for your article about the George Zimmerman verdict featuring comments from African American pastors and parishioners. I want to make sure everyone understands that white, Hispanic and Asian clergy and parishioners from many churches and other faith communities also expressed concern in worship services this weekend. All of us, of any race, need to speak out for justice for all in this nation. Beyond the court case, we need to remember that if Zimmerman had obeyed the instructions of the police and not engaged Martin (who was not in the process of committing any crime), Martin would still be alive. The culture of suspicion and fear which leads people to violence is something people of all faiths and races must work together to change.
The Rev. Rochelle A. Stackhouse
The Church of the Redeemer UCC
New Haven


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