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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Haven Register editorial on Zimmerman was irresponsible

The lead editorial in Monday’s New Haven Register about the George Zimmerman verdict was stunningly one sided - and irresponsible - in portraying the judicial outcome as based solely on racism. There was not a shred of evidence presented at trial that Zimmerman followed or shot Trayvon Martin because he was black. Nor, was there any suggestion that the jury acquitted Zimmerman because he is a white Hispanic.
Your editorial made no mention of the high standard of proof required in all such criminal cases (“beyond a reasonable doubt”), of the often conflicting testimony that could reasonably be expected to give any objective juror reasonable doubt, and the credible evidence presented at trial that supported Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense.
Yes, Zimmerman exhibited bad judgment (e.g. in following Martin against the instructions of the police) that in the end contributed to the tragic outcome; but that doesn’t make him guilty of the crimes with which he was charged. If the Register was interested in shedding light, and promoting rational discourse, on this complex legal case that had horrible human costs, it failed miserably.
Donald Wheeler


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zimmerman is guilty of manslaughter.

Based on which fact or facts??

Because he looked like a kid in the picture taken of him when he was 12 and repeatedly shown over and over again?

I looked like a kid when I was 12 too.

Because he was 17?

Zimmerman didn't know he was 17...

Because he was unarmed?

Zimmerman didn't know he was unarmed...

Because he was staying at his fathers house and only went out to buy Skittels?

Zimmerman didn't know he was staying at his fathers house or that he only went out to buy Skittels.....

Because family members say now (his father said initially it wasn't Trayvon) that it was Trayvon yelling for help on the recording of that night?

When was it that Trayvon was yelling for help, when he was breaking Zimmerman's nose and smashing his head against the concrete.......

Zimmerman said to the police on the scene the night of the shooting before he knew there was a recording of someone yelling for help, that he screamed out for help before the shooting......

Because Trayvon was just some innocent kid?

Trayvon's text messages are rife with talk about Pot, guns buying and selling, fights and pictures of him smoking pot, pot plants and of a handgun.

Trayvon had been suspended from school several times for fighting and he had burglary tools and jewelry .

None of this make Trayvon necessarily a thug or bad kid, but it clearly shows he wasn't "Leave it to Beaver" innocent little kid.

Jenteel Trayvon's friend said Trayvon called Zimmerman a white ass cracker.....

Why are there no questions whether Trayvon is a racist and who's hate led him to attack Zimmerman???

Why does Zimmerman saying "these punks always get away", proof according to the prosecution that Zimmerman hated Trayvon???

You don't think punks that commit crimes get away with it, repeatedly???

I do and have no desire to shoot or murder anyone.

The shooting was a tragedy for everyone Trayvon, his family, Zimmerman, his family and the whole community especially the ones who are going to get killed or harmed in the riot that will follow if Zimmerman is found innocent.

But the tragedy was solely the result of a immature young man (as almost all 17 yr old's are, I know I was quick to fight at that age) making the tragic decision to viciously physically attack somebody who was armed, had the legal right to defend himself and was prepared to do so.

July 17, 2013 at 8:45 AM 
Anonymous Susan Schroeder said...

I am our Community Watch and that is what I do, WATCH. My neighborhood has this summer so far incurred, slashed tires on 3 vehicles, one rock hitting an elder's window. and even incidents w/gunshots (no fatalities). The Police know me well. I call them regularly. Prior to having a child I was NRA certified and I had a 357 magnum short barrel...all due to a breakin. But never in a million years would I dream of following yet alone CONFRONTING a suspicious person. But then again, I never applied to be a Policewoman. I am our Community Watch. I am NOT the police. Neither was 'Zimmerkill'.

July 17, 2013 at 5:34 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The evidence, including that which the "impartial" Judge Nelson wouldn't let the jury see, shows that Zimmerman is a nice guy and Trayvon Martin was a trash talking punk, who decided to smash Zimmerman in the nose, straddle him, bang his head and beat him. He got what he deserved and what the law allowed Zimmerman to give him in self defense.

July 18, 2013 at 10:54 AM 

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