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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Why does West Haven school superintendent favor devil over Bud Conolon?

I cannot believe that Neil Cavallaro, the superintendent of schools in West Haven, would say that the changing of the name of their town’s summer street hockey league is all about money and marketing the league. For him to do this means that kids will no longer be going to the “Bud Conlon Summer Street Hockey League,” instead they’ll be going to the “Devil.” They now want their league to be recognized as “Blue Devils Street Hockey.”
Instead of honoring someone who created this street hockey league and devoted himself to it, Neil Cavallaro must believe it’s better to honor the “Devil,” and this is reprehensible. I believe it’s time to not only get everyone to push to reinstate the proper name (Bud Conlon Summer Street Hockey League) to the hockey league, but to remove the “Devil” from an educational facility. Would I want my children to emulate Bud Conlon or the Devil? I would want my children to emulate Bud Conlon. Given the same choice, which would Neil Cavallaro choose for the children attending this league to follow? Everything possible should be done to correct this abhorrent situation.
TW O’Donnell


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