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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Matthew Harp is no slumlord

Media is everything. It permeates every facet of our lives. It affects what we wear, eat, how we perceive ourselves and who we vote for. Progressively, all elections, from the low level city and town elections to the Presidential elections have become more of a circus of political jargon and smoke and mirrors than platforms that engage real issues. Media is partially to blame for this.
 I was greatly disappointed at the New Register’s front page placement of the Harp slumlord article. I found Kermit Carolina’s comment which slandered Matthew Harp, revolting. In the past, every time Senator Toni Harp has run for political office, the newspaper and her opponents drag up her (late) husband’s business practices. This is a joke.
Senator Harp’s reputation as a policy maker and a leader is impeccable. Her son Matthew returned home when his father was ill and has spent the last two years trying to revive his father’s business. This is not a business he asked for, but one he inherited. To label him as a “slumlord” is not a truism reflective of his nature, but a statement about the poor character of the persons spewing such negativity. Let’s not deflect the attention away from what’s important by creating diversions that only aim to tear down and perpetuate mistruths and untruths. Let’s focus on the issues at hand; crime, job creation and education. These are the issues that will define or decline the city of New Haven in the next few years and these are the issues that should be talked about. Our city needs healing, not hate mongering subterfuge.
Crystal Emery
Executive Director/Producer
URU, The Right to Be Inc.
New Haven


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's check the facts. First, this newspaper doesn't run anti-Toni Harp articles about the shady family business "every time she runs." In fact, this newspaper has given her a remarkable run of unchallenged re-elections and so has the public even after the Courant revealed the state tax problem more than five years ago.

Matthew Harp could have turned down the job of running his father's businesses and properties. He was an attorney at a good firm. He could have let the probate case move forward and all the assets to assigned and taxed and sold to satisfy creditors. But no, he wanted his mother and he and his sister wanted that mansion, wanted the real estate portfolio. Moreover, Matthew and the entire family have benefitted - Toni Harp in particular. But morally - as it relates to the taxes, Toni Harp had the responsibility to make sure that case was settled. While her family skirted their taxes, the rest of us squeezed our family budgets because of the tax increases she voted in favor of. Do you know how may citizens have had their paychecks taken by the department of revenue? Your letter is hollow.

July 21, 2013 at 7:42 AM 

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