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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jesus isn't your Prozac; Prozac is your Prozac

Cute and catchy but highly inaccurate. Such is the slogan, “Jesus is my Prozac,” at St. Paul’s UAME bulletin board on Dwight Street.
New Haven is blessed (as the pastor would say) with Yale-New Haven Hospital’s psychiatric facilities on both the York Streeet and Street Raphael’s campuses. The Elm City is also fortunate to be home-base for the Connecticut Mental Health Center at 34 Park St.
Indeed, the scriptures were meant to alloy mental illness ... not to induce it. There is, however, no substitute for the first-rate psychiatric care - insured or not - in this city.
We are “doubly blessed” in that CMHC is a teaching adjunct to Yale Medical School and the Department of Psychiatry. To wit: clergy is clergy - medical professsionals are precisely that: professionals in mental health care issues.
Francis P. Shannon
New Haven


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